Jackson’s MMA Series XVI Results

We’re live on the scene at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino for Jackson’s MMA Series XVI, featuring former King of the Cage World Champion Donald Sanchez against Arizona’s Nick “Nyquil” Rhoads.

Sanchez a member of the JacksonWink gym, who will be heading into his 46th career fight and has won 5 of his last 7, but will be looking to rebound from a submission loss to Mark Dickman, in a fight that Dickman missed weight by more then 10 lbs. Rhoads a 25 year old member of Apex MMA, who’s on a 5 fight win streak, with 3 decision wins. Rhoads last fought at the end of January scoring a TKO via doctors stoppage of Thomas Schulte.


Curtis Devan vs. John Ferrari Komosa III
Commentary- Devan close the distance, gets into clinch range, lands a pair of body shots then scored a take down. Komosa got back to his feet ate a couple of punches before being taken back done and having the round end with Devan on his back. R2  Komosa is circling backwards bleeding lightly from his right eye. A Devan straight right, followed by a right upper cut turns out Komosa’s lights
Winner: Curtis Devan KO (punch) 1:35 R2


Gomez Photo Works album Curtis Devan vs. John Ferrari Komosa III

Kai Kaye vs. Juan Carlos Santana
Commentary- R1 Exchange of leg kicks. Kaye is taken down off a kick. Santana allows Kaye back to his feet. Santana brawls to the inside winging punches they clinch Kaye with the takedown from a trip. Kaye moves to mount dropping elbows an fists. Big flurry of elbows from Kaye close out the 1st an cause a cut over Santana’s right eye. R2 Kaye lands a pair of knees to the body, scores a double leg takedown an moves to aide control. Kaye mounts elbows spins and takes the arm.
Winner: Kai Kaye via submission (arm bar) 1:57 R2


Gomez PhotoWork album Kai Kaye vs. Juan Carlos Santana

John Macaw vs. Robert Benjey
Commentary- Benjey with a takedown off a low kick. McCaw back up down eats a right hook and the ref jumps in.
Winner: Robert Benjey via KO (punch) 0:37 R1


Gomes PhotoWorks album John Macaw vs. Robert Benjey


Hunter Tower vs. Efrem Thompson
Commentary- R1 double jab right from Thompson. Tower answers with a hard body kick. Thompson has Tower along the cage. Both men are firing off heavy shots. Thompson tags Tower who responds back with a high kick. Thompson drops down for the take down, pulls guard. Tower in sprawling sinks in a Darce choke. After a ajustment Thompson is forced to tap.
Winner: Hunter Tower via submission (Darce choke) 0:59 R1


Gomez PhotWorks album Hunter Tower vs. Efrem Thompson


Javier Palacios vs. Dorian Dixon
Commentary- R1 both fighter swing and miss with big punches. Palacios with double under hooks is stuffed on the takedown. Dixon eats a right hand circles away fires back with a left to the liver dropping Palacios who covers up an the ref jumps in.
Winner: Dorian Dixon via TKO (body shot) 1:01 R1


Gomez PhotoWorks Album Dorian Dixon vs. Javier Palacios


Donald Sanchez vs. Nick Rhoads
Commentary- Rhoads worked leg kicks early but didn’t keep it up throughout the three rounds. Sanchez did show facial  damage bleeding from over both eye as results from the collision of heads. Sanchez was the aggressor consistently moving forward and pushing the pace. Rhoads did score 3 take downs that where partial slips. Each time Sanchez popped right back up. Sanchez was the more active fighter with his striking popping off more jabs and a few very hard elbows.
Winner: Donald Sanchez (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)


Gomez PhotoWorks album Sanchez vs. Rhoads

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