King of the Cage “Fight Game” Results


Live on  the scene at the Embassy Suites off Lomas, in Albuquerque, New Mexico for King of the Cage “Fight Game”; headlined by Tim “Timbo Slice” Sosa vs. Jimmy “The Brick” Flick.

Tim Sosa is a member of the New Mexico WildBunch, who has won 4 of his last 5 and 2 straight overall. As an amateur Sosa held the KOTC 125 lbs. title. Oklahoma’s Jimmy Flick has 5 wins via submission. Flick is coming off a submission win over Sean O’Grady, but that win came back in December of 2014. Flick’s only career loss came at Legacy FC 16 when he suffered a TKO loss to UFC vet Will Campuzano.


155: Desmond Spikes vs. Kyle Sparks
Overview: Sparks Moses a head kick. Spikes in on a take down. Sparks stands they scramble, sparks takes the back, Spikes stands, Sparks sinks in the choke and has they fall back the choke is in and Spikes is forced to tap.
Winner: Kyle Sparks via submission (rear naked choke) 0:56 R 1


130: Alejandro Moreno vs. Francisco Dominguez
Overview: The first 2 rounds saw Dominguez with timely take downs and submission attempts including a triangle in the 3rd which finished the fight.
Winner: Francisco Dominguez via submission (triangle choke) 1:54 R 3


108: Andrea Amaro vs Tabitha Trevino
Overview: They clinch Amaro with knee, Trevino with right hands, inside trip Trevino on top. Amaro with the sweep and moves to mount Trevino cage walks sweeps and is now on top in full guard. Trevino stands they exchange and Amaro head locks Trevino to the ground. Amaro to mount, Trevino saved by bell. R2 Into the clinch exchange of knees and Amaro with the take down to mount. Trevino tries to escapes leaves her arm and Amaro get the tap belly down armbar.
Winner: Andrea Amaro via submission (armbar) 0:53 R 2


135: Slade Ring vs. Khari Snowden
Overview: Both men kicking. Ring going low. Snowden Looking for angels. Ring with Snowden against cage shoots in scores a take down. Snowden stands and is taken back down, Ring in guard to end 1st. Snowden kicking to the body, Ring low kick, Snowden low kick, Ring with a take down, Snowden sweeps back off.  Snowden lands a hard low blow. Back in hard low kicks landed on both sides, Snowden with a high kick Ring eats toe. Ring changes levels scores a take down and to mount as round ends. Snowden coming forward getting aggressive with his strikes Ring with head movement. Snowden stuffs a double leg, 2nd try Ring gets the take down, moves to the side off Snowden’s legs. Snowden retains guard, elbows, bursts back to his feet. Snowden with a left land. Ring back in on the take down as the round ends.
Winner: Kharitonov Snowden (28-29, 30-27, 29-28) split decision


145: Chris Rojas vs. Rene Cedillo
Overview: Cedillo hard kicks to the body and right leg. Rojas in on a single leg, switches to the double. Cedillo defending. Cedillo breaks away hard leg kick. Rojas scores a double leg take down into full guard. Looking for action the ref stands them up. 2 body kicks from Cedillo and Rojas changes levels scores a take down. Cedillo scrambles back to his feet. 1-2 lands from Cedillo. Rojas in on an scores another double leg take down. A few punches from Rojas while on top. Rojas with much more ground and pound in the 2nd. Rojas with a body kick, Cedillo answers with a straight right. Rojas forces his way to the insi and scores a double leg take down into full guard. Cedillo firing elbows from his back. Rojas is cut up. Thirty swing away for the final 20 seconds.
Winner: Rene Cedillo via (27-30, 29-28, 29-28) split decision


145: Rudy Aguilar vs. Esias Gordo
Overview: Hard knees from Auguliar, who shoots on a take down. Gordo with a trip gets the take down dropping heavy elbows. Aguilar strong with a body kick.  Auguliar stuffed on a take down. Gordo popping away with his jab. Leg kick, teap to the body, followed by a left hook from Gordo. To the ground they go Gordo on top in half guard dropping elbows. 3rd Gordo catches a kick goes into Agulia’os guard dropping leather. Gordo stands out of the ground game. Aguilar swinging hard eats a straight right from Gordo, Aguilar dives on a kimura, Gordo rolls through and is dropping more elbows from side control, punches follow and so dose the finish.
Winner: Esias Gordo via TKO (strikes) 2:13 R 3


125: Ambrose Vigil vs. Austin Lewis
Overview: Lewis moving forward with punches. Vigil body kick, Lewis answers back. Lewis thia clinch hard knee. Vigil with double under hooks. Lewis breaks free from the clinch. Lewis right hand, liver kick, knee. Vigil answers back 3 right hands. Vigil low kick. Lewis shin to liver. Rd 2 Lewis low kick, Vigil right hand, Lewis Bulls forward scores a take down. Vigil scrambles to his knees, Lewis to take the back, Vigil shakes off Lewis. Vigil in the Lewis full guard. Lewis eating leather hunting a triangle. Lewis  with his shin creating space avoiding offense but spent the end of the round on his back. Lewis right hand this clinch, vigil with the take down. Lewis retains full guard. Strange stand up as Lewis almost has the triangle. Lewis with a punch, vigil answers right back they clinch and roll to the bell.
Winner: Austin Lewis via (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) unanimous decision


145: Seth Abeita vs. Kasey Yates
Overview: Into the clinch Abeita scores a take down with an inside trip. Yates looking for a guillotine. Abeita escapes sits up lands 5 punches, Abeita in a triangle , passes by moving the legs to the side. Yates scrambles to his feet in on a double leg take down. Abeita looking for a guillotine of his own while Yates is all in on a single leg. Yates with a take down as Rd ends. Rd 2 Left- Right from Abeita, Yates jumps on a guillotine, Abeita escapes, Yates with a 2nd try, Abeita again escapes and jumps on his own high-elbow guillotine, rolls on his hip and gets the tap.
Winner: Seth Abeita via submission (guillotine choke) 1:27 R 2
170: Marico Ramos vs. John Rozema
Overview: Rozema left kick to the body. Right hands stuns Ramos. Rozema has the thia clinch throwing rapid fire knees. Ramos eating punches and elbows searching for the take down. Rozema back to the thia clinch firing away with knees and the ref jumps in for the stoppage.
Winner: John Rozema via submission (strikes) 1:25 R 1


130: Jimmy Flick vs. Tim Sosa
Overview: Flick right in on the clinch, take down. Sosa wall walks back to his feet. Flick still clinched on, looking for a single leg. Flick going for a standing head an arm choke while trying to take the back. Sosa shake off Flick. Flick still like white on rice. Ref breaks them up. In space Sosa lands Flick take down, takes the back ends Rd looking for the choke. Rd 2 2 right low kicks from Sosa. Flick in deep on a single leg. Sosa turns puts Flick on the cage. Sosa with 6 right hands left and right elbows ./ In short range while striking body, head, and mixing in leg kicks, Tim Sosa picking apart Flick. Flick clinches take down Sosa pops right back up. Jab, right hook, knee, leg kick, Sosa owns Rd 2. Rd 3 Flick circling the along the cage. Sosa short straight punches. Flick drives for a take down. Sosa on but landing short shots to Flick. Sosa trying to walk walk, Flick trying to take the back. Flick has the back, has the choke, Flick loose the choke Sosa turns and is now on top. Left body punches right elbows from Sosa. Sosa to half guard . Flick throws up a triangle, Sosa slams out and lands 2 elbows as time expires.
Winner: Tim Sosa via (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) unanimous decision
130:  Tim Sosa def. Jimmy Flick via (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) unanimous decision
170:  John Rozema def. Mario Ramos via submission (strikes) 1:25 R 1
145: Seth Abeita def. Kasey Yates via submission (guillotine choke) 1:27 R 2
125: Austin Lewis def. Ambrose Vigil via (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) unanimous decision
145: Esias Gord0 def. Rudy Aguilar via TKO (strikes) 2:13 R 3
145: Rene Cedillo def. Chris Rojas via (27-30, 29-28, 29-28) split decision
135: Khari Snowden def. Slade Ring via (28-29, 30-27, 29-28) split decision
108: Andrea Amaro def. Tabitha Trevino via submission (armbar) ) 0:53 R 2
130: Francisco Dominguez def. Alejandro Moreno via submission (triangle choke) 1:54 R 3
155:  Kyle Sparks def. Desmond Spikes via submission (rear naked choke) 0:56 R 1

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