Rumble on Route 66 Results


Fresquez Productions presents Rumble on Route 66, at the Legends Theater, inside the Route 66 Casino; and is headlined by JacksonWink fighter Conrad Padilla against Chevy Bridges.

Quick Results are at the bottom.


145: Nate Armstrong (2-2) vs Julio Zapata (0-0)
Overview: Armstrong with a step in right hook to the clinch, on the break Zapata landed a big right, they re-clinch an Armstrong eventually got a head an arm throw, to a scarf hold, Armstrong still holding a headlock dropped lefts until the ref jumped in for the stoppage. 
Winner- Nate Armstrong via TKO (punches) 2:24 R 1


170: Craig Carter (0-0) vs Joseph Chavez (0-0)
Overview: A left a right and a scramble Chavez takes the back an with lighting quick speed tarps the arm and gets the rear naked choke for the tap.
Winner- Joseph Chavez via submission (rear naked choke) 0:32 R1 


145: Cody Hoffstatter (0-3) vs Russell Wilson (3-3)
Overview: Hoffstatter with a big overhand right. Wilson fires back a hard kick to the liver. Hoffstatter with a single takedown in scramble gets to mount, Wilson tries to explode, gives his back, Hoffstatter traps the arms an sinks in a rear naked choke.
Winner- Cody Hoffstatter via submission (rear naked choke) 2:26 R 1


135: Adrian Cruz (6-2-1) vs Cory Ortiz (2-1)
Overview: Cruz took the fight to the ground, from side control with elbows and punches Cruz opened up a cut over Ortiz’s left eye. End of the 1st Cruz escaped a deep guillotine. In the 2nd Cruz again got the take down, moved to mount and with ground and pound got the stoppage.
Winner-Adrian Cruz TKO (strikes) 4:53 R 2


125: Rafael de Freitas (6-1) vs Gene Perez (4-7)
Overview: De Freitas in and stuffed on a take down. Perez landing knees while clinched with De Freitas back on the cage. De Freitas with the inside trip for the take down. De Freitas takes the back and sinks in the RNC.
Winner- Rafael DE Freitas via submission (rear naked choke) 1:33 R 1


185: Frank Lester (11-6) vs. Muhammad Abdullah (7-3)
Overview: Abdulllah right hand high kick, right landed. Left lands from Abdullah. Along the cage Abdullah lands a short left then clinchesIn breaking fre Lester lands a knee low blow. Lester left inside leg kick lands then and Lester he’s outside.  Abdullah striaght left, Lester 4 hard leg kicks. Lester get a kick caught, Abdullah to the inside 2 good uppercuts, Lester spins Abdullah around, exchange off knee an one goes low from Lester again. Lester 3 more leg kicks. Abdullah jumps into the clinch lands 2 solid knees. They break apart. Abdullah jumping knee to clinch, hard punches from Lester then end the round in the clinch.Kick starts low, Lester get a point deducted. Abdullah catches a body kick gets in for a take down, Lester yells his fingers re in my mouth. Lester has another body kick caught uses cage to avoi take down. Abdullah in on a take down, eats a knee scores the take down. Lester trying to wall walk and stands.Lester back to the low kicks. Left hand from Abdullah. Abdullah with a knee clinches, Lester back on fence, Lester lands 2 tapping punches to end the round. Rd 3 Lester right leg kick big left hook lnd. Lester lands a hard body kick, Abdullah with the take down, Lester stands, sprawls and is landing leather.  Abdullah pulls guard, Lester advances to 1/2 guard. Ref stops fight Lester is Disqualified for biting.
Winner- Muhammad Abdullah via DQ (biting) 1:30  R 3
155: Donald Sanchez (31-15) vs Omar Avelar (8-10)
Overview: Avelar lands first hrs right to the body. Sanchez jabbing, backing Avelar, Exchange of outside leg kicks. Sanchez too high on a right high kick. Sanchez cut under his left eye. Sanchez lands with his toes on a high kick. Avelar Ducks his head, Sanchez to a guillotine, Avelar escapes.  Avelar shoots in on a double, Sanchez sprawls, takes the back and s working his ground and pound, ref jumps in 
Winner- Donald Sanchez vis TKO (punches) 3:15 R 1 


145: Conrad Padilla (5-2) vs Chevy Bridges (4-1)
Overview: Padilla came out swinging hard, got dropped by Bridges, survied the ground and pound. The rest of the 1st was an even back an forth affair from the striking to clinch battle The 2nd saw Padilla put Brdiges on the fence and hack away with elbows. In space both landed power shots with their right hands. Padill cut above host right eye. Bridges bleeding from his nose. A battle on condictioning and Padilla with a double leg against the fence put Brdiges on his back. Time was called in the 3rd for the doctor to check Bridges who had blood around both eyes. Doctor calls e fight. Bridges not happy saying I can see.
Winner- Conrad Padilla via TKO (Doctor stoppage) 3:24 R 3


Quick Results
145: Conrad Padilla def Chevy Bridges via TKO (doctor stoppage) 3:24 R 3 
155: Donald Sanchez def Omar Avelar via TKO (punches) 3:15 R 1
185: Frank Lester vs Muhammad Abdullah def Frank Lester via DQ (biting) 1:30 R 3
125: Rafael de Freitas  def Gene Perez  via submission (rear naked choke) 1:33 R 1
135: Adrian Cruz def Cory Ortiz via TKO (punches & elbows) 4:53 R 2 
145: Cody Hoffstatter def Russell Wilson via submission (rear naked choke) 2:26 R 1
170: Joseph Chavez def Craig Carter via submission (rear naked choke) 0:32 R1
145: Nate Armstrong def Julio Zapata via TKO (punches) 2:24 R1  

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