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will power
 Taking place at the Embassy Suite & Spa is King of the Cage “Will Power” a 14 fight card featuring a Southwest Amateur Lightweight Title bout, a 4 fight main card; headlined by Fit NHB’s Gi Jiu Jitsu instructor Steve Hanna against Mexican brawler Caesar Zamarippa.

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Main Card Recap:

Main Event- Cesar Zamarrippa vs Steve Hanna
Recap: R 1- Cesar lands a lead left hook and followed by a outside leg kick. Hanna right hook they clinch, Hanna right uppercut, right hook, right elbow. Hanna trips Cesar, Hanna has the back get shaken off. Cesar on top in guard dropping big leather. Hanna sweeps and is back on top. Cesar stands. Cesar back on fence Hanna elbow and is now taking the back. Hanna hunting for the rear naked choke but can’t find it. Hanna back mount hacking at Cesar’s war with elbows to end the first. R 2- Hanna slips Cesar to half guard, Hanna out the back door in on a double leg. Cesar guillotine, Hanna escapes. Cesar back to his feet. Hanna stiff jabs and a double leg take down. Cesar sweeps to guard. Hanna slapping punches off his back. Cesar stood tried to spin into Hanna’s guard but Hanna popped up and took the back. Cesar sits up exposes the neck and Hanna finds the tap.
Winner- Steve Hanna via submission (rear naked choke) 4:32 R 2
Co-main Event: Jordan Hernandez vs Turrell Galloway
Recap: Galloway 2 thunderous leg kicks. They clinch and Galloway drags Hernandez to the ground. Galloway in half guard, punching with his right. Galloway advance to side control. Hernandez trying to bridge an buck. Ref with a quick stand up, Galloway right cross knock out, Hernandez face plants.
Winner- Turrell Galloway KO (punch) 2:07 R 1
Mike Cook vs. Josh Moreno
Recap: R 1- Exchange of leg kicks, Moreno hard to the body, right hand knock down hammer fists it’s over.
Winner: Josh Moreno TKO (punches) 0:32 R 1
Nicco Montano vs. Shaba Dobson
Recap: R 1- Mobtano coming forward throwing 2-3 punches ending combs with right outside leg kicks. Dobson circling along the cage eating jabs and one big left hook. Dobson off the cage back in space. Lead right hook lands for Montano who falls with a single leg take down. Montano in guard working ground and pound. montano advances to side control. Montano mounts and is punching to the Bell. R 2- Montano right body kick. Montano catches a kick and with a single leg were back on the ground. Montano advances to mount. Punches and elbowing are coming down on Dobson. Dobson walks the cage pushes on back to her feet and taken back down. R 3- Montano utilizing outside leg kicks. A Dobson left cuts Montano right side of right eye. Dobson jabing then taken down from a double leg, Montano in side control going hard for a Americana. Montano to mount the drops punches and elbows.
Winner-Nicco Montano via (30-27 x3) unanimous decision
170: Steve Hanna (8-2) def. Caesar Zamarippa (3-3) via submission (rear naked choke) 4:32 R 2
130: Turrell Galloway (7-5) def. Jordan Hernandez (3-6) via KO (punch) 2:07 R 1
205: Josh Moreno (1-0) def. Mike Cook (0-2) via TKO (punches) 0:32 R 1
125: Nicco Montano (2-1) def. Shana Dobson (1-1) via (30-27 x3) unanimous decision
Jess Martinez (7-0) def. Javier Rodriguez (3-1) via KO (head kick & punches) 0:17 R 1- KOTC SW AM 155 title
135: Rene Cedillo (5-2) def Daniel Nieto (4-2) via TKO (body kick & punches) R 1
128: Nate Gomez (1-1) def. Austin Lewis (3-1) via KO (head kick & punches) 1:33 R 1
155: Ernesto Salvidrez (4-0) def. Austin Wourms (5-6) via KO (punches) 1:57 R 1
170: Chris Brown (2-0) def. Chris Preece (2-1) via (30-27 x3) unanimous decision
170: Nikko Nathan (4-5) def. Nathan Boyer (3-4) via (29-28 x3) unanimous decision
125: Justin Salazar (3-5) def. Ambrose Vigil via submission (rear naked choke) 2:28 R 1
145: Sam Martin (1-0) def. Ryan Davila (0-1) via submission (triangle choke) 2:50 R1
125: Francisco Domingues (2-0) def. Anthony Chavez (0-2) submission (triangle choke) 1:26 R 1
SHW: John Romero (3-0) def. Dakota Coleman (2-1) via TKO (strikes) 1:38 R 1
Fight of the Night- Steve Hanna vs. Ceasar Zamarippa
Knock out of the Night- Jess Martinez

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