Weigh-in Results for KOTC: Duke City 2

King of the Cage has returned to Albuquerque, which means today’s weigh-in’s for KOTC: Duke City 2, took place at Sadies on 4th St. Tomorrow nights event at the Embassy Suites & Spa, is headlined by Fit NHB’s Tim Sosa battling Red Spider MMA & Boxing’s Johnny Gullien for the vacant KOTC Jr. Flyweight (125 lbs.) World Championship. Lets get to┬áthe scales to make the card all official.

125 Title: Tim Sosa (125.2) vs. Johnny Guillen (125.2)
185: Anthony Rozema (185.6) vs. *Randy McCarty (191.8)
140: Brenda Gonzales (138.8) vs. Yumi Matsumoto (139.2)
205: Shawn Hudler (203.4) vs. Eduardo Silva (204.8)
125: Alex Jones (123.8) vs. *Andre Mitchell (128.2)
160: Austin Wourms (159.8) vs. Bobby Oakley (159.2)
125: Joey Tervino (125.4) vs. *Nathaniel Gomez (126.6)
135: Francisco Dominguez (129.6) vs. Guadalupe Monroy Jr. (133.4)
160: Chris Brown (159.8) vs. JJ Holloway (159.4)
155: Dakota Munro (152) vs. Patrick Ortiz (152.8)
170: Mario Pacheco Jr. (166.2) vs. Sterling Peak (169.6)
HW: Doug Stephens (261.4) vs. Dakota Witkopf (246.6)
160: Jose Bustos (157) vs. *Thomas Horton (160.2)

*Missed the originally contracted weight to the far left and will be given an additional hr to make weight; or the two camps may come to an agreement to redo the contracts.

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