EXpo Explosion Weigh-in Results


The Legacy Promotions, Expo Explosion weigh-ins, took place today at the Uptown Sports Bar. One fighter couldn’t make it to town, but 19 others took to the scales for what looks like it will be a 9 fight card tomorrow night.  Below you can find the weigh-in video, weights, and Gomez Photoworks images.

8 Rds. 140: Fidel Maldonado Jr. (140) vs. Mohamed Rodriguez (140.2)
6 Rds. 147: Josh Torres (148) vs. David Charles (144.8)
6 Rds. 132: Jason Sanchez (131.6) vs. Gene Perez (132.2)
8 Rds. 147: Hector Munoz (146.4) vs. Tavorus Teague* (149.6)
6 Rds. 126: Jose Osorio (126.4) vs. Ricky Vasquez (125.4)
6 Rds. 156: Joaquin Zamora (150.4) vs. Anthony Hill (152.8)
6 Rds. 152: Cristian Cabral (150.4) vs. Christpoher Russell (149.6)
4 Rds. 159: **Jordanne Garcia (157.8) vs. TBA
4 Rds. 143: Ronnie Baca (141) vs. Marcos Dominguez (142.8)
4 Rds. 158: +Isidro Castillo III (158) vs. Derek Perez (154.2)
*Was given 1 hr to loose more weight
+Fight changed weights at weigh-in’s
**Opponent didn’t make it to town, promotion seeking replacement

The doors to the Manuel Lujan complex will open at 4 PM with the first bell at 5 pm. I will have live recaps and for each fighter with more direct Play by Play on twitter with the #ExpoExplosion .

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