Pengshuai Liu- Chasing a Dream around the World

The world of MMA is full of big dreams and even bigger sacrifices. Pengshuai Lui has those motivational factors and the 22 year old is also fighting to put food on his family’s table back in China.

At JacksonWink Fight Night 3 Pengshuai Liu  makes his American Fighting debut against Belen’s Gene Perez. The owner of Perez Fighting Systems has been in the ring with almost every top prospect the state has and in the cage with variety of skilled foes ranging from knock artists, to state champion wrestlers, and submission experts.

Both fighter similarly got involved in Combat Sports to lose weight. Pengshuai Liu was first intrigued by martial arts from watching Kickboxing.  At the age of 15 Pengshuai Lui left hometown to train in Sanda.

Liu has now been training for 7 years, having taken up MMA over the last two years. When asked, while getting his hair cut at Conrad’s Barber Shop, if he’s a striker or grappler,  Pengshuai smiles and throws a couple punches. MMA vet Nick Gonzalez who Pengshuai lived and trained with while Nick was teaching in China, smiles and corrects the answer, informing me that Liu is a Mixed Martial Artist.

Gonzalez went on to tell me how living and training had grew there friendship. Gonzalez spoke in high praise while telling me of how Liu used a technique the two had just been drilling for the first time 3 days prior to the bout, to score the victory in his last contest.

Gonzalez then asked Pengshuai a question that Joey Villasenor had once asked him. One that Gonzalez has asked plenty of fighters before. So what do you want to do with this?

Pengshuai Liu told me the same thing he told Gonzalez “I want to be UFC Champion”. The process of getting a passport and visa began.

Pengshuai Liu currently sits at 4-3 with 3 knockouts and a submission in the win column. Two of those wins came in a single night back in July of 2016 where Liu won a One Championship tournament.

The Money from his victories is sent home to help his family and while Pengshuai Liu misses them greatly he’s very happy with the higher level of training he’s getting here in Albuquerque at the JacksonWink Academy.

While here in New Mexico Pengshuai Liu has been staying with Nick Gonzalez and family. Along with “St. Nick”, UFC Fighter Kenyan Song Will corner Pengshuai Lui  for his fight against Gene Perez.

A 22 year old full of energy and a infectious smile. Pengshuai Liu is chasing money, fame, and belts. The ultimate goal is to have the money to be able to train and live a happy life.  Reaching that goal as he said would be “Fucking awesome”.

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