Capital City, Playing with Fire Recap & Results

The Institute of American Indian Arts hosted Santa Fe Lights Out Boxing’s, Capital City, Playing with Fire USA Boxing sanctioned amateur event.

The night started off with a hard fought 3 rounds at 80 lbs. that saw Jorge Villarruel of Power & Glory Boxing took a unanimous decision from Warrior Boxing’s Sheldon Watchman. 

119 lbs. Aubrianna Lamas of Warriors Boxing, on the strength of two standing 8-count stops by the Ref took a unanimous decision from Bully Boxing’s Aliza Mendez.  

101 lbs. Angel Enriquez of Torito Boxing used some great long jab cross combinations, even forcing the Ref to jump in for a standing 8-count in the 3rd round, en Route to a unanimous decision win over Bully Boxing’s Macario Esparza. 

125 lbs. luis Saucedo of Warrior Boxing & Michael Mendez of Bully Boxing both scored technical knock downs in the first round. In the 2nd Saucedo kept up his high paced attack almost knocking Mendes down with a right hand adding in two more technical knock downs for the Ref to waive off the contest in round 2.

85 lbs. Colorado’s Donovan Garcia scored a technical knock down in round 1, while Torito Boxing’s Chris Reyes stormed back with a technical knock down in round 2. The 3 was controlled by Garcia who picked up the unanimous decision win.

At 110 lbs. a technical knock down in the first and a knock down in the 2nd has the Ref stopping the contest as Michael Hernandez of Team Hernandez overwhelmed Nick Cox of Warrior Boxing with some big right hands.

141 lbs. The continual pressure and being first to the punch of Eva Epstein from Warriors Boxing was enough to earn the decision nod over Liz Anaya from Santa Fe Lights Out Boxing.

145 lbs. In rounds 1 & 2 Ramiro Figueroa showed off a solid jab, followed up by rights to the body. In the final frame the Colorado fighter found his right cross in route to the unanimous decision win over the Joaquin Zamora trained Juanito Lovato.

178 lbs. Team Mirabal’s Estevan Pena wasted no time unloading combinations while he pinned Miguel Loya against the ropes. The Ref calls 3 Technical knock downs in the first round giving the RSC victory to Eastevan Pena.

165 lbs. levi Golden of Warrior Boxing showed some slick defense and landed some big hooks to take a split decision win over Los Tigeres Boxing’s Adam Vigil. 

132 lbs. Sergio Aragon of Warrior Boxing vs. Estevan Segura of Santa Fe Lights Out Boxing. Segura controlled all 3 rounds using his jab and left hook early, then scoring big later on with his uppercut, while also showcasing slick footwork. 

The main event came at 178 lbs. with Juan Perez of Team Mirabal against Joshua Gallegos of Santa Fe Lights Out Boxing. Perez quickly stung Gallegos with a sneaky left. Perez then connected with a huge right uppercut and gives Gallegos a shove. Gallegos hits the ground, looks to be hurt from the punch and possibly a shoulder injury.  The doctor checks Gallegos out and the stop is stopped. The Ref rules Joshua Gallegos the winner by disqualification due to the shove.

Fight of the Night: Sergio Aragon vs. Estevan Segura

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