Sin City Showdown Recap & Results

On Saturday, September 22nd, Sam’s Town held another Mayweather Promotion card. Featuring Cameron Krael vs. Jose Borrego in a 10-rounder in the Super Lightweight division. Also Lionell Thompson vs. Derrick Findley in a 10 round  Super Middleweight contest.

Written by Josh Herrera
Vegas being the Mecca of the fight world and this Promotion definitely lives up to the reputation, while keeping the boxing scene alive an healthy. Sin City Showdown was an action packed and eventful night having spectators on their feet making noise. Not to mention that the venue is a prime spot without a bad seat in the house. From the lights of Las Vegas to the stars and fighters that show up to these events, along with the voice of the action Ralph Velez, makes you realize that boxing is still very much at the top of the fight scene. TMT is making a huge mark as Mayweather Promotions is building a brand that is hard to keep up with.

The night’s first bout Kaywann Sistrunk (0-0-1) vs. Sevelle Hasan (1-1-1 KO) in the Super Lightweight division in a 4 rounder. With Hasan coming forward while Sistrunk giving combos making the 2nd round more action packed as the feel out process to work its self out. Up to that point it was an even match but in the 3rd round Hasan lands big, knocking Kaywann down in the neutral corner. Then to everyone’s surprise Sistrunk gets up and walks out the ring. Sevelle Hasan from Denver, Col, moves to (2-1 with 2 KOs). Starting the night off in a stunning fashion.

The second bout, also a 4-rounder, saw amateur sensation Jose Valenzuela (Pro Debut) vs Humberto Tellez (0-1) in the Featherweight division. It got going right out the gate. Rounds 1 and 2 Valenzuela used his experience, fast hands, and combinations showing his ring generalship; but Tellez kept coming forward and making a the contest into a fight. Round 3 was no different with the action starting off a little slow but picking up 45 seconds into it and Tellez closing out the round strong. The final round both fighters showcased their talents with combos letting lose. Valenzuela working from top to bottom landing the heavier shots, who walked away with the W giving him a pro record of (1-0). Keep an eye out for this Las Vegas, NV, Native.

Next came, Kevin “The II Coming” Newman (7-1-1, 3Kos) vs. Egerbhert Reed (4-4-1, 1KO): a 6-round contest in the Super Middleweight Division. This, the 3rd bout of the night, had the crowd on its feet from the jump and lived up to the hype. The 1st round both came out in the feel out process, but Newman with accurate shots, took the round on the score cads. The 2nd round Newman came out hitting hard showing supremacy grabbing and shooting hard making it a physical match for his opponent closing the round mean. At the end of the 3rd, the bout was stopped by the referee a TKO, moving Kevin Newman to now (8-1-1, 4 KO’s).

The forth bout pitted Maurice Lee (8-1, 4KO’s) vs. Ivan Pandzic (8-0, 4KO’s) in the Super Lightweight Division, set for 6 rounds. The bout showcased some of the night’s best action; with rounds 1 and 2 having both fighters advancing on one another. Lee giving body shots and Pandzic being constant with his 1-2 combination landing. Rounds 3 and 4 saw the action continue in the same manner with Ivan working off his heels and Maurice trying to close the gap and work the inside negating Pandzic’s height advantage. This even match-up was tough to judge from the start but both working hard to get the win. Rounds 5 and 6, Ivan still used that 1-2 punch making it work and Maurice moving Pandzic to the ropes. Both fighters putting in work answering back and forth in the final seconds in good old fashion. One judge scored it 58-56 Lee, while the other two scored it 57-57 for our only majority draw of the night.

The cards middle bout: Ava Knight (15-2-4, 5KO’s) vs Nancy Franco (15-12-2, 4KO’s) 6 rounds in the Flyweight Division, was a hard hitting and hard to call. The 1st round Ava moved around the ring changing the angles: while Franco stayed  true to her Mexican style coming forward, which continued thru the 2nd round with both firing back and forth. It was Knight landing more to the body and power shots. The middle rounds didn’t change much in pace. Franco came forward and Knight, using her skills, to bob and weave with counters. Ava truly having: the skill advantage, using the ring and having more effective punches, but receiving her fare share. This match was a crowd pleas-er all the way through. The final round Franco came out throwing, but missing a lot. While, Ava knight made it a tough round: landing effectively and earning her the win to move to (16-2-4, 5KO’s).

Next came the Super Middleweights. Lanell “KO” Bellows (18-2-2, 11KO’s) vs. Christopher Brooker “Ice Cold” (13-6, 5KO’s) in a 10 round grudge match. With a highly amped crowd all the way through the bout. The first few rounds were a feel out process by both fighters, working into the action with each move and punch. The middle rounds the game plan of both fighters was a give and take with clinching and punching from the inside. Big shots landed by both and having little effect, because they continued thru the bout pounding away at each other. Having the crowd at the edge their seat, with a knock out being a possibility at any moment. In the 8th round Brooker landed some combinations on separations and stalking Bellows; but Lanell landing those hard big shots at the end of the round, to lead into the final rounds. Action stayed the same up to the final bell. Brooker walked away with the decision win moving him to (14-6, 5KO’s). That was a hard one to judge and huge crowd pleas-er.

 Getting close to end of the end night Lionell Thompson (19-5, 11KO’s) vs. Derrick Findley (28-23-1, 18KO’s). Both came to fight and brother did they bring out the  fireworks with the start of the first round. Lionell came out strong in the 2nd round showcasing his talents with Derrick walking Lionell down, but Thompson was the sharper of the two. In the 3rd and 4th rounds it was back and forth with Lionell using his jab and combinations, while Thompson used the 1-2 with sharp hooks to the body and head. The middle rounds Lionell was getting a little frustrated with hardly landing but still kept on the attack. Findley landed the better shots looking like he lost respect for Thompson power, now taking the fight to Thompson. With the final rounds approaching Findley making noise with his action and getting a knock down with seconds left in the 9th, showing he’s that tough and strong in the sport still. The final round ends in fashion with Findley having Thompson backpedaling after the knock down: but Lionell Thompson took the win, with the superior boxing, to move to (20-5, 11KO’s) scores card read (99-91) and (98-91).

 The Co-main event Xavier Martinez (11-0, 7KO’s) vs. Oscar Bravo (23-8, 11KO’s), was action packed. The first few rounds saw Martinez showing his supremacy with fast hands and combinations putting a hurting on Bravo. The 3rd and 4th Martinez built the momentum with his ring control and angle changes. In the 5th Martinez still looking fresh and working the punch count: but Bravo is still in the fight making his presence, landing his own set of combinations. In the middle of the 6th the action was called to a halt by the ref. Xavier is the winner with the TKO moving him now to (12-0, 8KO’s), but that was a great match by both fighters.

 The main event was a match that only those of us in attendance could tell you,  it was something to have seen. Jose Borrego (13-1, 12KO’s) vs. Cameron Krael (13-13-3, 3KO’s) was a match that brought more then fireworks each round, till the very end! In the 1st Cameron came out establishing the jab right out the gate. Borrego: staying composed, feeling out things, came with fast hands and combinations. The 2nd and 3rd saw both display true boxing form, giving the people early on excitement. Krael having the advantage with more power shots landing. In the 4th the faints start to come along with more boxing skill coming from both fighters and not one dull moment in the first 4 rounds. The middle rounds still telling the story of this match up was the pair giving an taking, standing toe to toe in the center of the ring. Both giving their best and having plenty of gas in the tank to continue on. Krael was building throughout the fight and Borrego wasn’t far behind at all.  The judges had their work cut out for them, with both fighters searching for that one fatal blow. Wish I could say one of the pay slipped away, but that wasn’t the case. Because the final rounds were just like the rest before it, the fighting going on in the center of the ring. The stands rumbling and the noise level blowing the roof off. TMT sure did a wonderful job with this match-up, making it one to talk about for some time to come. In the end the score was (95-95) and (96-94) with Krael taking the win moving to (14-13-3, 3KO’s).

This card definitely was loaded and lived up the Vegas style of professional boxing. Keep your eyes open for the next Mayweather Promotion card cause TMT is taking over the scene in real fashion.

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