Frequez JW Fight Night 5 Recap & Results

On the scene at the Isleta Resort & Casino Showroom for Fight Night 5, presented by Fresquez Productions & JacksonWink. The main event Albuquerque’s own Steve “Mean Machine” Garcia versus Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Andrew “The Beast” Whitney.

Garcia comes in off a unanimous decision win over Abel Cullum, from the main event of Fight Night 4. The damage Garica was abel to do with his elbows lead to the bloodiest fight I’ve ever seen live.  Whitney has won back to back fights a knockout of Keith Richardson & a submission of Dylan Cala.

The co-main event is at Welterweight with Jared “Nite Train” Gooden versus Knockout artist Wilfredo “Brown Bomber” Santiago.  This event is also a special one as it marks the 25th anniversary of Fresquez Productions.

Recap- The amateur card kick off with Lydia Parker Warren & Laura John going three rounds. Warren took the unanimous decision on the strengths of her  striking accuracy, striking diversity, and a couple of take downs. Manny Najera wasted no time taking Kinneth Brown to the ground and pounded his way to victory from the mount. Ian Velasquez & Randy Baker went right to war. Velasquez battling into the clinch scoring with big knees & elbows. Baker kept firing back cornering his foe and ripping off a combination of hooks that ended when the ref jumped in for the first round technical knockout, Velasquez still standing but not aware of his surrounding. Great stoppage by the ref. Pat Rodriguez dropped Kevin Moore with a right uppercut. Moore fought back to his feet and as Rodiguez is moving he appears to injure his right knee. A couple leg kick from Moore and Rodriguez is down the fight is stopped, giving Moore the first round TKO victory. Noel Mayo took Zac Rodriguez to ground and Rodriguez locked up an armbar started to straighten the arm and with no tap the ref jumps in giving Rodriguez the technical submission victory. It was a call made in attempt to air on the side of fighter safety, the crowd didn’t like the outcome.  Dominic Yara & Aric Montoya stood and traded in the first round. Yara took the fight to the ground in the second, with Montoya reversing to the top position and pounding to finish from 3/4 mount. Kenan Jackson kick off the main card by knocking down David Simpson, taking the back, and getting his first professional victory, a first round rear naked choke. Edwin Cooper took Antowuan Moseley right to the ground. Advanced to to a crucifix position dropping strikes till the ref jumped in. The victory comes in under 90 seconds. Andrew Yates racked up a good bit of top control through the first two rounds. Price would finish both rounds on top. In the third round Price would open two cuts on Yates under his right eye and in the outer corner of the left eye. At the end of three rounds the judges returned a split decision in favor of Andrew Yates.  The co-main was a quick one. Jared Gooden found a hole up the middle of Santiago’s guard land a knee to the jaw. A hurt Santiago stumbled back, Gooden rushed in with punches knocking Santiago down, and finishing the fight with hammer fists. Steve Garcia took control of the main event right away in the first round caroling Whitney and taking the top position delivering punishment for the rest of the round. The combination of a Garcia right hand and Whitney slipping put the fight back on the mat. Garcia would eventually take the back flatten Whitney and finish the fight with rapid fire punches. After the win Garcia proclaimed, tell the UFC I’m coming.

Pro card

Main event 140: Steve Garcia Jr. (8-3) vs. Andrew Whitney (16-6)

175: Jared Godden (14-3) def. Wilfredo Santiago (9-7) by TKO (knee, punches, hammer fists) 0:28 R1 

150:  Andrew Yates (10-2) def. Sherwin Price (5-3) by (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) split decision

145: Edwin Cooper (2-0) def. Antowuan Moseley (0-3) by TKO (ground & pound) 1:27 R1 

170: Kenan Jackson (1-0) def. David Simpson (0-1) by submission (rear naked choke) 2:57 R1


145: Aric Montoya (5-3) def. Dominic Yara (3-3) by TKO (ground & pound) 2:56 R2

135: Zac Rodriguez (1-1) def. Noel Mayo (1-1) by technical submission (armbar) 1:00 R1

135: Kevin Moore (2-0) def. Pat Rodriguez (2-1) by TKO (right knee injury) 2:21 R1

155: Randy Baker (4-2) def. Ian Velasquez (2-1) by TKO (punches) 2:16 R1

145: Manny Najera (2-0) def. Kenneth Brown (0-2) by TKO (ground & pound) 1:33 R1

125: Lydia Parker Warren (2-1) def. Laura John (0-1) by (29-28, 30-27 x2) unanimous decision 

*Dakota Munro vs. Brendan Trujillo cancelled by the commission due to health concerns.


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