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aztec warriors

The Albuquerque Convention Center was the place to be in New Mexico for combat sports on Friday, June  28, as Chavez Promotions presented Aztec Warriors a night of professional boxing.

Bout number 1: Mike Quezada (0-1) vs. Robert Josh Chavez (1-0)

RD1- Both fighters change out of their corners looking to the man who takes control of the center of the ring. In the first flurry of punches Chavez lands the cleaner shots. After  a consistant diet of jabs, blood is leaking from Quezada’s nose. Chavez is getting in landing and mmoving out of the way of the counter.

RD2- Quezada makes out of corner looking to be more aggressive forcing Chavez against the ropes. Chavez is still landing consitanly with aleft jab and left hook. Quezada continues to presser Chavez, but his punchesare finding only air. Chavez while staying mobile is landing  consistanly to the head of Quezada.

RD3- Quezada comes forward lands and off balence combination and the sequence ends with Chavez landing a right uppercut. Quezada coming forward  but looks to be slowing  sujusting that the pace and movement of Chavez if taking it tole.

RD4- Cghavez comes out landing a jab right hand cvomb that jerks Qyezada’s head back. Smeeing to wake Quezada up. Quezada is really seaqrching fo a way to close the distance, but every time Chavez is backed up; Chavez finds the space to circle to saftey. Even late into the fight Quezada is having trouble avoiding the left jab of Chavez. As the the 10 second warrning goes off Chavez triple’s up on the jab and a left to the body as thefinal bell rings out.

Robert Josh Chavez def, Mike Quezada by (40-36) (40-36) (40-36) unasnimous decision.

Bout number 2: Kita Watkins (7-10) vs. Victoria Cisneros (9-14-2)

RD1-Watkins and Cisneros both take the center of the ring and start to brawl. Cisneros backs off after being hit with a gfew short left hooks. Regrouping herself Cisneros continues to press forward and using her size to cut angles is keeping Watkins in front of her. As th etwo ladiesd exchange punches in close quarters.

RD2- Cisneros lands a left to the body that momenttarially drops Watkins hands. Cisneros comes in wild and is met with a quick one two combination. Cisneros back watkins to the ropes and the final minute see Cisneros dig in hooks to the body, with Watkins every so often answering with a cleanly timed cross.

RD3- A whole ring to work with and these women are happy to stand in a phone both a slug it out. Cisneros backs Watkins to theropes is again unloading with hooks till the action is halted for a low blow. As the action restarts Cisneros again pressures Watkins to the ropes as the round ends.

RD4- Watkins changes up the game plan in the final round and is keeping the feet moving with Cisneros in hot persuit. Cisneros forces Watkins into the clinch and in the clinch is landing the loud cleaner shots.

RD5- Cusneros comes out looking for a lead left hook to the body which is countered by cross from Watkins. Eating the cross and still pressing forward is Cisneros. Cisneros landing body shots forces Watkins into the corner. Cisneros doubles up on the right cross, with both landing. The round ends with a big flurry having each women land clean shots.

RD6-Watkins comes out rapidly firing the jab. Eating therjabs, Cisneros continues to control the fight and make the contest a brwal. The round ends with the two ladies slugging it out in the corner.

Victoria Cisneros def. Kita Watkins by (58-56) (60-54) (59-55) unanimous decision

 Bout number 3: Arturo Crespin (9-2-1)vs. Jose Cruz Garcia (3-5-1)

RD1- Southpaw Crespin comes out working his right jab. Garcia is loading up and pick his shots. Crespin pressured Garcia to the ropes and is then opening up eith visous hooks to the body.Garcia breaks loose but is quickloy forcedback to the ropes and this time statring with the body and ending witht he head is the Crespin attack.

RD2- Garcia is the defensive fighter getting back up and being late on his counters. As soon as the thought of going forward enters Garcia’s minds Crespin puts his head down and like his nickname “El Toro” forces his way forward. Crespin is throwing and landing alot of looping hooks to the body, not landing clean or with power. Garcia lands a cross as the round end and Crespin is looking to grab some air

RD3- Crespin comes out with the pressur but a right over the top of Crepins guard momentarily back the Las Vegas fighter up.Garcia eats a shot from Cresping and taps his chin saying bring it. Garcia stalks Crespin and the two start exchanging in center of nthe ring. Crespin pressing forward looks to slightly be getting the better of the inside action.

RD4-  Crespin opens up doubling up on the jab and ending with a hook, Garcia returns fire but Crespin is able to avoid the counter. Crespin works to the insider of Garcia; Crespin starts to tea off. Out of the blue Garcia after taking 5-6 unanswered punches comes back with his own offense. Garcia looks to be trying to have Crespin punch himself out.  Coming in tight quaters Crespin gets into clinch range and throws three rights that Garcia eats it like a dollar menu special. The round ends with both men swinging and landing.

RD5- Garcia comes out looking to pressure Crespin. Crespin uses a jab to try an keep Garcia off. Garcia forces Crespin off for a moment with the landign of a right cross. Neither man is shgowing much defense as Crespin puts his down presses forward and  takes a short right hook to the face like it’s nothing. Circleing and backing up Crespin throws a haymaker of a right that misses everything.   Crespin ends the round flurrying with hooks to the body having Garcia against the ropes.

RD6-  Both men come out moving forward meeting in the center of the ring exchanging big punches. Crespin is still able at will to pressure Garcia against the ropes and open up with hooks. Garcia is able to sneak in counters of his own but nothing that has given him any space; or effected Crespin enough to change momentum.  The fight ends with both men exchanging  in the center of the cage.

Atruro Crespin def. Jose Cruz Garcia by (60-54) (59-55) (59-55) unanimous decision

Main Event bout number 4: Cristian Cabral (5-0-1) vs. Joe Gomez (18-7-1)

RD1- Gomez is fiorst to throw, throwing a pair of jabs that Cabral easily avoids. Cabral in the esrly moments looks to be doubling up on the jab and following with an overhand right. After a meeting ibn the clinch with boith men landing scoring blows is Cabral who back off allowing Gomez to start working his jab. A right stagers Cabral. Cabral ends the round strong pressing forward  and for the most of the round was the more active fighter.

RD2- Starts off the round on the offensive walking Gomez down. Cabral lands a 10 punch combination before Gomez is able to circle out of danger. Gomes takes the oppurtunity to pressure Cabral against the ropes.  After eating 3 punches Cabral ducks circles and regain composure. Taking the lead in this dance Gomez is starting to land his jab and follow up crosses. The round ends with Cabral eating a straight right.

RD3. Gomez comes out charging but is met with a Cabral right. “El Puma” is using much more movement in this round. Gomez being the more lengthy of the two is controlling distance with his reach advantage. The jabof Gomez is starting to form a mouse around the right eye of Cabral. Gomez rips and lands with thundersous left to the body, slightly droping the guard level of Cabrals. Gomez keeps the pressure and punches coming as the round ends.

RD4- As they meet in the center of the ring cabral digs in and lands 4 quick punches to the body. Cabral while circling backs himself up to the ropes. Gomez opens up landing the body and the head before a Cabral counter right gives Cabral the pace to get off and starts working again. Cabral looking to win the round turns up the out put and by the end of the round is backing up Gomes.

RD5- Gomez is first off to get the offnese going pressuring Cabral to the ropes. After a ref break up and re-set Gomez  is teeing off on Cabral with the jab. As Cabral tries to esape he is stagered. Gomez forces Cabral against the ropes, Gomez is relentless firing to the body and the dead. Feeling the end is near Gomez turns up the pace. Cabral is only standing because of the ropes as the ref stops the action.

Joe Gomez def Cristian Cabral by TKO at 2:45 of round 5

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