Johnny Tapia Presents- The Next Chapter 4 Round by Round recap


Johnny Tapia Presents- The Next Chapter Part 4; a Celebration of Mi Vida Loca took place on Friday May 31 at The Crowne Plaza. As Albuquerque remembered the former World Champion Johnny Tapia, we also looked forward to the bright future of Josh “Pitbull” Torres who faced Marcus Brashears in the nights main event.


Brando Munoz vs. Julio Gomez

39 37   Gomez   38 38     38  38


1st Round: Both fighters come out ready for battle not wasting a minute and come out swinging and dodging. Gomez moves forward with a flurry of punches pinning Munoz in the corner but Munoz recovers and gives Gomes a flurry of punches. Fighters slow down a little bit but only to put more power behind their punches. Munoz hits Gomez with a hard right. Ten sec left and Gomez pushes Munoz into a corner with powerful punches to end the round.


2nd Round: Munoz never taking his eyes off Gomez looking for the opening to take him down but Gomez isn’t giving him any openings. Both men exchange ferocious punches neither backing down. Gomez hits Munoz with a hit to the side but Munoz brushes it off and keeps moving forward. Munoz plays with Gomez trying to get him to open up to strike. Hit to the head by Gomez but Munoz is not affected.


3rd Round: Both fighters come running at each other ready to brawl. They feel each other out striking when they see an opening but then Gomez gets an uppercut to Munoz which hurt. Munoz shakes it off and shows Gomez he’s not done with a flurry of punches. Munoz returns the favor and knocks him in the side of the head. Fighters keep going into the clinch to get closer. Munoz ends the round with a couple taps to Gomez’s head.


4th Round: Fighters exchange a smile and go at it starting off with a clinch. Munoz strikes over and over but Gomez is not affected. Gomez gets a warning from the judge to listen. Gomez smacks Munoz on the side of the head but he’s unscaved and comes at him. Fighters continue to clinch and Munoz lands a rib shot, Gomez lands a chest shot and they continue to viciously exchange. Munoz puts his hands down, and a fierce left misses Gomez. But Munoz makes sure the right lands directly to the head. They finish the fight with a flurry of punches.

i1035 FW1.1

Adrian Lopez vs. Ricky Villafuerte

 Winner by (40 36, x3) unanimous decision- Adrian Lopez

Lopez is so eager to fight he misses the entrance

1st round: Touch gloves and exchange blows to the face. Villafuerte smacked Lopez square in the nose but Lopez looked unaffected and never takes his eyes of Villafuerte. Lopez lands a powerful punch to the head of Villafuerte and corners him every chance he gets with blows to the head. Villafuerte is throwing feeling hits trying to get his hits in and lands a punch to Lopez’s’ face. Uppercut and right hook from Lopez but Villafuerte returns with two rights. Lopez has Villafuerte cornered and isn’t letting him out without a fierce beating


2nd round: Villafuerte comes back with a vengeance striking Lopez but he motions for him to bring more. They move all over the ring striking and taunting waiting for that perfect shot. Feeling shots fired then a flurry of body shots from Lopez. Villafuerte responds with a great head shot as Lopez goes in for a clinch. Back in the corner for Villafuerte as they exchange punches. Uppercut from Lopez and the men clinch. Lopez avoids villa to catch his breath but villa stays on top of him


3rd round: Couple warning head shots from Lopez but Villafuerte keeps coming forward waiting for his chance. Villafuerte blocks Lopez’s head shot. They circle each other. A uppercut from Lopez; Villafuerte felt that. They clinch and exchange blows but Lopez’s head is bleeding from Villafuerte head shots. But, Lopez doesn’t quit. Lopez blinks to focus as both men are covered in Lopez blood. A flurry of head shots from Lopez to finishes the round.


4th round: Patched up and ready to go they come in with faints till Villafuerte corners Lopez with a couple head shots but Lopez breaks free. Both men are tired and wait for an opening to unleash their power. They exchange light shots to the body and head. Uppercut from Lopez and they’re broken up. They exchange fierce blows in the corner with Lopez landing an amazing head shot and corning villa again. Villa escapes but not without some punishment as Lopez lands a head shot as he moves.


Charles Alderete vs. Arturo Crespin

Winner by corner stoppager at 1:19 of  round 6-Arturo Crespin

1st round: Alderete comes in with a couple body shots as Crespin backs away. Crespin goes on the offensive and lands a head shot than going into the clinch to b broken up. Crispin feeling Alderete out but Alderete just wants to head and lands a head shot. Powerful body shots exchanged in a clinch. Crispin gets Alderete and wails on him with body and head shots but lands a shot to the back of the head. Fierce right from Crespin lands to the body and the combination is finished with a hook to the head. Alderete is having trouble with his shorts while still trying to throw punches.


2nd round: Crespin running out of his corner to b met with body shots but brushes them off and pushes Alderete into the corner. Crespin warned about breaking when told. Head shot from Crespin while in the clinch. They’re broken up and exchanged a huge flurry of strikes. Fierce head shots land by both fighters. A Flurry of punches to the body from Crespin land as he pushes Alderete into the corner.  Right hook to the head from Crespin ends the round.


3rd round: Strikes to the head at the same time as the round starts. Keep getting into the clinch and broken up. Alderete dodge a headshot and comes up with an uppercut to Crespin. Left hook to Crespins’ face as they exchange punches in the clinch. 1 2’s landed by Crespin. Crespin looks for his opening on Alderete but Alderete goes in for a punch to the head. Both men have slight bloody noses.


4th round: Body shots exchanged as the round starts. Crespin lands a head shot and then misses a right. Alderete pushes Crespin into the corner with some powerful body shots. Both fights punches are hitting air. Crespin pushes Alderete into the corner with body shots. Crespin takes a face shot from Alderete. Alderete seems to be aiming for Crespin right eye. Furious body shots are exchanged in the clinch.


5th round: Both men come out exchanging body and head shots making sure to stay close but not too close. Crespin pushed into the ropes with a flurry of shots. Crespin goes on the offensive with a mass of head shots and Alderete is cut open above his left eye. Then Crespin falls. Crespin goes on the offensive and goes after him with fierce shots to the left eye. Crespin is warned again to break when told. Left eye gushing on Alderete and he can’t seem to blink the blood out of his eye.


6th round: Patched and ready to go both fighters come out with some powerful shots to the body. Alderete is knocked down by a right to the head but he gets back up and keeps going but Crespin is just going for head shots now. Another powerful right to Alderete’s left eye. Alderete’s team throws in the towel as Alderete was getting a beating in the corner.

i1035 FW1.1

Joaquin Zamora vs. Bernardo Guereca

Winner by (79 72, x3) unanimous

1st round: Two strikes issued by Guereca and Zamora keeps dodging them. Guereca goes in for a head shot but is met with a counter. Both fighters exchange a couple strikes to the body and head. Guereca pushes Zamora into the ropes with a flurry of punches. Once broken up Zamora sneaks in a couple head shots then backs away. The fight picks up as Guereca hits Zamora in the back of the head in the clinch. Nice body shot landed by Guereca. Zamora gets Zamora in the corner and broken up from the clinch


2nd round: Zamora and Guereca exchange light punches that leads to a clinch. Clinched up then broken. Zamora lands a right to the head. Zamora warned to not drag opponent to the ground by using the back of his head. Zamora and Guereca both miss strikes but keep their focuses waiting for the opening. Zamora lands a head shot but Guereca pushes him into the corner for the ref to break them up. Guereca lands some head shots but Zamora blocks the full impact. Both men exchange head shots in the clinch but Guereca is on the offensive, broken up. They end the round falling into the ropes after some punches exchanged to the face.


3rd round: Zamora is light on his feet cornering Guereca to get some punches and lands a couple to the body. Guereca tries to go on the offensive but Zamora dodges and Guereca almost flies out the ring. Guereca tried to grab Zamors’ arms but it resulted in nothing but the ref breaking them up. Guereca keeps going low to get in close but it ends up in the clinch and being broken up. Zamora misses a power right to the head and end up in the clinch to be broken up again. Zamora gets in a jab to Guereca before the end of the round.


4th round: Zamora is ready for action hoping before the round even starts. They come out feeling for an opening. Zamora is on the offensive landing jabs here and there. Guereca tries to go on the offensive but is met with a couple jabs to the head by Zamora. Guereca misses an uppercut but manages to push Zamora into the ropes, to be broken up. Zamora gets pushed into the ropes as they exchange a flurry of body and a couple head punches before getting broken up again. Guereca is given a warning from the ref. Zamora pushes Guereca off and they exchange jabs to end up in the clinch again, to be broken up. Body shots r thrown with some head shots when in the clinch, g is throwing while z is blocking but then Zamora catches  a second wind and lands a left to the head. Guereca ends the round beating on Zamora a little with some nicely landed head shots.


5th round: Zamora pushes Guereca off of him to avoid a clinch but Guereca is still coming at him with some punches. Guereca stumbles a little over his own feet but makes sure to block a body shot. It’s a flurry of punches being thrown by both fights as they go in and out of the clinch. Z punches Guereca and he stumbles into the corner and Guereca is given time to recover and comes back. Guereca comes back with a vengeance and attacks Zamora but Zamora is ready to exchange. They end the round exchanging punches when they had an opening.


6th round: Guereca tries for a body but Zamora pushes him away with his body and the men go around exchanging punches. Zamora lands a great head shot that has GGuereca wiping his head for clarity. Guereca is trying to land punches but was affected by that head shot and z is not letting up. Guereca’s left eye is already starting to swell. Zamora receives two fierce body shots and the men go in and out of the clinch. Zamora lands another head shot and Guereca places z into a head lock then broken up. Zamora dodges a fierce left from g. Guereca has z against the ropes and beats him till the bell for a couple seconds.


7th round: They come out bouncing around each other with Zamora throwing punches that hit the air. Finally Zamora lands one to the chest. Guereca misses a head shot but tries again to have Zamora dodge once again. Both men r exchanging and hitting air as they dodge and just plain miss. Zamora lands a left right combo to g head. They exchange body shots and couple head shots. Zamora lands another combo to Guerecas’ head. Face shot by Zamora. Guereca gets couple body shots in while they clinch.


8th round: They touch gloves and come out with some body shots in the clinch to b broken up. Guereca is pushing Zamora into the ropes with some jabs but Zamora lands another head shot. Zamora landing more head shots but g keeps coming. Guereca pushes Zamora into the ropes and beats his body. Left hook hits Zamora in the head. Against the ropes again and Guereca is punching with those body and head shots as Zamora tries to counter. Against the ropes Zamora lands a couple head jabs. Zamora is hitting air as g bobs and weaves. Zamora tries to keep g at bay by holding his foot but they still go at it exchanging blows till the bell.


Josh Torres vs. Marcus Brashears

80 72 unanimous Winner Josh Torres

1st round: Torres and Brashears feel each other out until Torres lands a couple body hooks but Brashears responds with a few jabs of his own. Head shot landed by josh. Left landed sharp to Torres body. Torres is making sure to block the power of josh. Josh is on the offensive landing shot after shot but t is making sure to block some of the impact. Torres blocks the one right that Brashears has thrown. Torres lands a flurry of shots to the body not blocked. Torres is bobbing and weaving making sure to land fierce punches.


2nd round: Torres & Brashears exchange blocked blows. Both bobbing and weaving trying to land shots but hitting air or glove. Torres nudges Brashears every time he blocks a hit. Torres corners Brashears and lays out a flurry of blows but, Brashears can’t block all of them and feels the impact. Brashears tries for a head shot but Torres blocks. Torres is on the offensive with Brashears just blocking. Brashears trying to say I don’t feel it but still is huddled up I the corner as Torres lands shot after shot, some blocked. Brashears lets out a left right combination on Torres to escape the corner. Torres pushes Brashears back in the corner with jabs to finish the round


3rd round: Torres on the offensive again as Brashears dodges and blocks but there are some punches Brashears is just not quick enough to block and he feels the impact. Josh lands a head shot that Brashears didn’t see coming. Brashears still curling up and blocking as Torres is continuing on the offensive. Brashears throws a couple punches landing on gloves of Torres. A head shot to Torres but still blocked by a glove. Torres pushes Brashears into the ropes with a flurry of punches but manages to land a couple head punches. Torres still making sure to keep Brashears pushed up against the ropes to continue the beating Brashears manages to land a couple jabs to the head as Torres continues the beat down to Brashears


4th round: Torres back on the offensive as Brashears continues to block and take his beating.  Brashears does a 1 2 to josh and connects to his head. Torres continues to strike with powerful punches and Brashears responds with jabs and couple powerful strikes. Shot landed by josh straight to Brashears face as he’s pushed up against the ropes. B trying to say something but josh responds with a right to the face. Torres ends the round landing fierce body and one head shots to Brashears.


5th round: Torres continues to be on the offensive as Brashears blocks some punches and jumps all over the ring till Torres pushes him unto the ropes. Torres gets frustrated with Brashears and backs up so he will get off the ropes. Torres lands a couple head shots unprotected. Brashears lands a shot to Torres face but Torres returns the favor.


6th round: Torres comes into the round on the offensive again but Brashears has some life to him and he responds with some punches of his own. Josh pushes Brashears back onto the ropes and Brashears continue to block but this time is throwing some punches. Brashears shakes his head like all the punches Torres is landing aren’t affecting him.  Torres gets Brashears back on the ropes and Brashears goes back to his comfort zone and curls up into a Philly Shell defensive position. Brashears lands a great right hook to Torres’s head. With Torres being on the offensive this whole fight it has taken its toll and. Torres is more tired than Brashears but continues to push Brashears to fight. Torres ends the round with Brashears on the ropes again and with a flurry of powerful body shots.


7th round: Torres comes out on the offensive again driving Brashears around the ring and into the ropes. Brashears is finally throwing some punches that are connecting with a bang. Torres nose is slightly bleeding as it seems Brashears is more focused then pays attention to what the crowd has to say and gets out in the corner by Torres to exchange punches. Brashears keeps Torres in the corner by antagonizing him with come on jesters. Brashears dodges two powerful hooks from Torres but Torres comes at Brashears with more and pushes Brashears back into the corner.Torres unleashes a flurry of punches to Brashears head to end the round


8th round: Torres back on the offensive but Brashears is keeping that fighter spirit and actually throwing punches back and not curling up into the Philly shell. Till Torres pushes Brashears into the ropes and Brashears takes a right square in the face. Torres takes a left and returns with a right to Brashears body. Accidental low blow by Torres but Brashears sucks it up and continues to fight. Torres back on top of Brashears making sure not to let up on his flurry of punches.  Torres lands three fierce combination of punches to Brashears head and Brashears responds with some of his own. Brashears still blocking as Torres circles and lands powerful blows to the body and head. Brashears trying to dodge Torres blows but fails as the round ends.

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