Judgement MMA and Fitness Smoker Number 2


On Saturday June 1, at Judgement MMA & Fitness in Rio Rancho hosted their second somker.From knockout and TKO’s to agressive and creative striking this night showcased that very high level talent will be on the way to the amateurs very soon.

All Fight where 3 two minute rounds.


Mathew Trambley vs. Angel Dominguez

Kickboxing- Angel has great offense knowing how to kick and punch as at uses his long legs to his advantage to try and keep angel at bay. Angel gets in close to strike and kick angel. Matt is good at kicks to the body and always makes sure to strike his opponent when they get in close. Angel is great at the one two kick.

Angel Dominguez def. Mathew Trambleyby unanimous decision


Nick Gibson vs. Matthew Griego

Kickboxing- Both fighters are evenly matched with powerful punches and kicks. They both exchange kicks and punches without letting up. Griego is concentrating on offense so much that he doesn’t keep his hands up. Ref ends the match after brutal heads shots from Gibson.

Nick Gibson def. Matthew Griego by TKO


Ryan Davilla vs. Mike Henderson

Kickboxing- Davilla comes out on the offensive landing kicks and plenty of head shots. Henderson is forced onto the offensive waiting for an opening that he finds occasionally. Davilla kicks every part of Henderson’s body. Henderson doesn’t give up and hits Davilla with a 1- 2 combo when he gets the chance. Henderson lets lose a flurry of body and head shots but makes sure to block Davilla at the same time. Davilla doesn’t keep his hands up and eats all Henderson’s punches. Davilla is eager. Both men have decent cardio but tuckered out about a min into rd 3, Davilla more than Henderson.

Mike Henderson def. Nick Gibson by unanimous decision


Lisa Martinez vs. Bryanna Otero

Boxing- Otero is on the offensive and pushes Martinez all over the ring with her flurry of head punches. Martinez tries to fight back making sure to land a couple great blows to the head. Martinez goes on the offensive landing great head shots but Otero makes sure to corner her and beat her in the corner. Otero does n keep her hands up and takes head shots. Martinez is precise and waits for her moment to strike as Otero goes for the kill not caring about taking a few hits.

Bryanna Otero def. Lisa Martinez by unanimous decision


Ryan Martinez vs. Mike Valdez TKO

Boxing-Valdez has a great right hook with 2 powerful head shots Martinezis done

Mike Valdez def. Daniel More



Sean Blachley vs. Derrick Rangel

Kickboxing- Rangel is light on his feet but lands hard head shots making sure to fiercely attack. Blachley is a little flat footed but has power of his own with kicks, head shots and precision. Both men are tired about 4 minutes into the 2nd round. Rangel has a little better cardio than Blachley.

Sean Blachley vs. Derrick Rangel ends in a Draw


Michael Garcia vs. Chance Tafoya

Kickboxing- Tafoya shows great precision, with powerful punches and kicks. Garcia has powerful hits as well but Tafoya manages to keep him on the defensive as Tafoya beats Garcia into the ropes. Garcia is great at blocking and dodging while waiting for his opening to strike. Both men know how to wait for the right time to strike and how to dodge but chase is more aggressive and always on the offensive. Garcia does have a powerful right hook when he’s not being forced to defend.

Chance Tafoya def. Michael Garcia by unanimous decision


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