Pre Invicta FC 6 interview with Bec “Rowdy” Hyatt

Bec Hyatt
Bec Hyatt
Photo Credit Invicta FC

Recently I had the chance to talk with one of the biggest personalities in women’s MMA Bec “Rowdy” Hyatt, who on July 13, will be competing at Invicta FC 6 against Mizuki Inoue.

MF: How is the camp for this fight going?

BH: It’s been Flawless and I just have my fingers crossed that it keeps going this way. This camp has been great because I been sparring with people my own size. With one week left the weight cut is really all that’s left.

MF: The long journey to the United States this is your third time making the trip is it getting any easier?

BH: I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.


MF: Being brought back for the third straight time to compete in an Invicta, how special is that for you?

BH: I’m happy to help out and be on the card. It’s nice to know that they appreciate how I’m performing and I’ve fought hard to earn it.


MF: Inoue, your Invicta FC 6 opponent can you share some thoughts on her?

BH: She’s young, fearless, and dangerous every where. She’s been very vocal talking about wanting to stand with me.


MF: Do you think by Inoue saying she wants to stand with you, that she may be setting a trap?

BH: I think she has the intentions to stand. Well have to see on fight night how the fight goes, but I’m well rounded so whatever happens it wont phase me.


MF: The first time I talked to you, you where preparing for Joanne Calderwood. A few days later your moved into the inaugural Strawwieght title bout; what was the world-wind experience like?

BH: I was on a huge high the whole trip. I went out gave some and got some. I took a lot away that loss. If I keep winning I’ll get another shot at Carla. I would also welcome the opportunity to finish my business with Joanne Calderwood.


MF: Your last fight against Jasminka Cive, was that the first time you went into a fight with anger towards your opponent and what was that like for you?

BH: It was my first fight with beef going into it. It was a genuine hate I had going on for Cive. It was hard to block the emotions. It was also great to back up my trash talk and shut her up.


MF: We know you love your tattoos, got any new ink or planning on any?

BH: Next I’m planning on getting my neck done. My moms not to happy with that idea, so I might get mom on my neck.


MF: Saw on facebook you got a new hair color going on, what the story there?

BH: I has went rainbow and now I’m going with bubble gum blue.


MF: Fighter are always tinkering and changing thing in their camps, anything new you been doing this camp?

BH: I added swimming for recovery and cardio, it’s also good for the weight cut.


MF: What’s it been like for you this sudden climb to fame?

BH: It’s been amazing, that’s why I say it was a great decision to take the Esparza fight on short notice. I’m happy to know that my hard work is paying off.


MF: Got any message to send out to the fans?

BH: Thank you for the support and keep it coming. I’m going to punch Mizuki Inoue in the face on July 13, at Invicta FC 6.


You can follow Bec Hyatt on Facebook at or on twitter @RowdyBec

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