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Yoruba Moreu is a single father of 3 who has been involved with the sweet science for many years and has passed that love down to his children. Daughter Sharahya Moreu plays Basketball and run cross-country in high school as well as being a Boxer. 8 year old Yoruba Moreu Jr. “Lil Ru” just become the youngest and lightest (50 lbs.) Boxer from New Mexico to win the Silver Gloves regionals. We talk with the family about the love of Boxing, how it brings the family together, and how the kids like having dad as coach.

Yoruba Moreu

Sharahya Moreu

Lil RU

Caged Minds- CM

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CM- To Dad, how did Boxing become the family business?

Yoruba Moreu- Well I used to work out with Team Old School sparring with Yorden Perez,Hernandwz , Hollywood (Raymond Montes) and some of the other fighters at the gym. The kids they used to come with me all the time. I guess that’s where they picked it up. It was me being at the gym and them watching me train. Then next thing you know, the older one Sharahya picked it up. Now little guy wants to follow in her foot steps. We took her to Johnny Tapia’s Gym because that was the best gym for her at the time. “Lil Ru” he’s been in a boxing gym since he was 5 years old.


CM- “Lil Ru” what is it about boxing that you love?

Lil Ru-I like beating people up, having fun, and winning trophy’s.

CM- Even tho you didn’t have to fight to win the regional silver gloves, because the other boys missed weight ; how happy where you?

Lil Ru- I was haapy.

CM- Where you disappointed that you didn’t get to fight?

Lil Ru-Yeah, I was kind of mad.

CM- How excited are you about going to the National Silver Gloves tournament?

Lil Ru- I’ll be happy to beat some people.

CM- You fight at 50lbs and what’s your prediction for the tournament?

Lil Ru- I’m going to go out there and get a big belt.

CM- Now we go to big sister, following in your fathers footstep, your brother following in your footsteps; how do you feel about Boxing and it being the family business?

Sharahya Moreu- It feels good that we all have something in common, something that bonds us and brings us closer together. I’m not sure how to explain it.

CM- Well lets talk about it what was it and how did it bond you guy, and bring the family closer together?

Sharahya Moreu- It makes us work harder. We still yell, but that’s a family. I don’t know how to explain it.

Yoruba Moreu- It’s a family thing. Some parents take their kids to the movies. Some parents take their kids to roller skate and do different things. Our thing is going to the Boxing gym. We like to have fun. This one is a work alcoholic (pointing to Sharaya), she does cross-country, Basketball, track, and Boxing. This little guy is falling in. This brings us together. Most people at night go home, eat dinner, and watch a movie. We go home and break down fights, talk about what fights coming up next, or what do you think of this person; who will win that fight. Especially this one.

Sharahya Moreu- Learning how our my next opponent fights. Learning how to break them down mentally and physically; we even do some funny stuff. We gotten chocolate wasted at the weigh-ins.

Lil Ru- We talk about how to beat them up.

CM-What do you guys like best about your dad also being your coach?

Sharahya Moreu- He understands us. He understands when something is wrong with us, he understands when to push us, or when we’re done. And it’s working out pretty good for us. It’s someone that actually cares about you and doesn’t treat you like trash or something, actually take that time an focus on you. That’s what I like.

CM- Also while you’re talking right now lets get into it. There a fundraiser/ donations being accepted to help you guys get out their for the nationals, can you tell us about that.

Yoruba Moreu- have a website set up What we’re doing is taking any kind of sponsorship or donation to help take “Lil Ru” out to Missouri. We recently were able to raise a good amount money to take him to California, but we still had out of pocket expenses, which is scares as a single parent with 3 kids. We have only been gave 15-16 days to come up with the money and if “Lil Ru” doesn’t make it out their, there is a possibility that they could suspended his license. Any body that’ willing to donate, help with sponsorship, knows anybody that would be interested; thank you. This little guy is here to make history. He has the goal of becoming a national champion in Silver Gloves. Not that many kids get that opportunity, he may never get this chance again. I Believe personally that he could be an 8-time national champion, but we got to take this one step at a time; and this is going to get us there.


CM- Also yourself being a Boxing historian, can you talk about it for the state what it means that your son is the youngest Silver Glover regional champion that our state has produced .

Yoruba Moreu- This is the thing he’s not just the youngest, he’s also the lightest-youngest champion. 50 lbs is the lowest weight class you can have for an 8-year old. So for him in the 8-9 year old level, there have been kids that have won state; but they weren’t allowed to go to the regional or national level. Since then they’ve changed the rules and gotten the women out of the Silver Gloves; which is unfortunate Sharahya didn’t get to display her skills on a national or regional level . Now they’ve opened it up for a little guy like this. He took advantage of it. It’s going into history Yoruba Moreu Jr. “Lil Ru” the first 8-year old 50 lbs to advance to nationals. There was only two kids in our state this year that advanced the other was Elijah Martinez of the 505 Fight Factory , out in Farmington N.M. I believe this little will make more history, he has the talent. A lot of other 8-year olds are just come forward brawlers. This little guy can brawl, box, move side to side, use his feet, and his hands. It’s pretty exciting to see what this guy has accomplished in the short time he’s been in the ring.

CM- “Lil Ru” do you have a message to the people on why they should help you get to nationals?

Lil Ru- So that I can win and advance to more places like Hawaii, and all those others place; because I wont to win all of them. And if I win Hawaii I can go hula.

CM- Sharayha we heard that you going to be in action on February 15, tells us about it.

Sharahya Moreu- Okay, this time you’re going to see a different fighter. Last time I was also doing basketball. I was not all there. This time I’m coming 100%. I’m already on weight and you better watch out. I’m 100% in and am going to go all out. I’m going for a win this time, whatever it takes.

CM- Was the Basketball and cross-country more of a hindrance on you Boxing training or was it fun to get out there and change up what you were doing?

Sharahya Moreu- It was fun changing up because I’m a adventurist, fun girl, that likes to try different things. It made me slow down my training , it definitely had me sore, which was something I had to fight through the hurt and pain; like a champ does.

CM- Fighting a few rounds with cramped legs, what was that like for you to mentally push through that kind of obstacle?

Sharahya Moreu- I don’t know it’s in my blood in my mentality. You can quite or you can stick in there. Just fight through the pain. Pain is nothing to me but a word.

For “Lil Ru” to make it all the way to Independence, Missouri; and sign up for the tournament will cost a hefty sum you can help “Lil Ru” by donating at .

 Moreu family training photos can be seen at


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