Triple A MMA V- Redemption at the Rock Results

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We are live at Camel Rock Casino for Triple A MMA V: Redemption at the Rock. Featuring some of New Mexico’s top up in coming Mixed martial Artists. This MMA event  is the  first ever  to have a submission grappling match on the card. The main event will see Featherweights Angelo “San I Warrior” Sanchez and Gabriel “Moggly” Benitez collide.

Amateur Card


Bout number 1: Javier Cepeda vs. Kip Lewis – Flyweight

Rd1- Lewis charges out like a raging bull eat a few while getting to the clinch. Cepeda lands a straight right follows by a knee that stuns Lewis who is in wrestling mode. A clean right hook from Cepeda end the fight .

Result- Javier Cepeda by KO (right hook) at 1:24 of round 1


Bout number 2: Vic Masayesva vs. Nate Armstrong – Lightweight

Rd1- A pushes Masayesva to the fence working thia clinch but Masayesva battle away. Armstrong lands a take down to side control. Arm moves to mount Masayesva buck and Armstrong takes the back Masayesva shrimps back to his back and Armstrong finishes the bout with ground and pound.

Result- Nate Armstrong by TKO (punches) at 2:06 of round 1


Bout number 3: Lindsay Jones vs. Michelle Williamson – 130 lbs. Catchweight

Rd1- Jones forces Williamson against the cage while in battle against the cage Williamson executes a perfect lateral drop and is on top in guard. Jones goes for a armbar Williamson defends and retains the top position. They are restarted on the feet they exchange punches till Jones pushes Williamson against the cage. Williamson changes backs against the cage. Jones shoots for the take down Williamson sprawls ends the round on top in half guard.

Rd2- They clinch Williamson puts Jones against the cage. Both fighters exchange knees while in the clinch. MW Jones is able to bring Williamson head down and go for a guillotine choke. Jones lands a few knees then drops going all out for the submission. After a struggle Williamson pops her head up but Jones has her legs wrapped and Jones sweeps to half guard. Williamson locks up a guillotine while on bottom. Jones pops her head up and starts landing elbows and rights as the round ends.

Rd-3 They meet in the center of the cage and start exchanging with Jones landing hard right hands getting the better of the exchanges. Williamson pushes the action to against the cage. Williamson going for a lateral drop ends up on her back taking big shot from half guard ground and pound. Williamson recovers full guard. The ref restarts the fight on the feet.Williamson eats a big knee from Jones and is on her back eating punches as the bout ends.

Result- Lindsay Jones by (29-28) (29-28) (29-28) unanimous decision


Pro Card


Bout number 4: Jerome Rivera (0-0) vs. Levi Lucero (0-0) – Flyweight

Rd1- Lucero goes right out looking for a single leg take down. Rivera sprawls keeping pressure on Lucero’s head. With a quick switch of the hips Rivera takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke.

Result- Jerome Rivera by Submission (rear naked choke) at 1:38 of round 1


Bout number 5: Joel Whittney (0-0) vs. Stephen Cervantes (1-0) – Bantamweight

Rd1- Cervantes first to land with a hard left kick to the body. Whittney doing a good job of switching from punches to kicks, with the low right leg kick landing most solidly. Ducking under a Whittney wild right Cervantes shoots for the take down Whittney defends. Cervantes closes the distance an in the clinch eats a Whittney elbow. They break Cervantes throws a wild right Whittney drops under and scores a quick take down. Cervantes bounces right back to his feet. Cervantes sprawls defending a Whittney take down and also takes the back. Cervantes is visibly breathing hard. As the round ends Cervantes blast a double leg and end the round on top.

Rd2- Cervantes blasts a double leg and is right back where he end the previous round. Whittney while on his back is trying to use his guard but Cervantes is defending. Whittney looking for a heel hook is eating Cervantes punches. The looked in a battle between guard and half guard when Whittney gives his back and Cervantes sinks in both hooks. Whittney is able to work back to his feet where Cervantes continues to pressure.

Rd3- Cervantes hits Whittney with a spinning back kick right out the gate. Sc throw Whittney to the ground and after escaping a triangle Cervantes drops bombs from the guard while Whittney is looking for a leg lock Whittney is eating heavy leather. Cervantes passes to half guard and ends the fight on top striking.

Result- Stephen Cervantes by (29-28) (30-27 ) (29-28) unanimous decision


Bout number 6: Natalie Roy (0-0) vs. Nikki Lowe (0-0) – Atomweight

Rd1- Lowe starts off bouncing around the cage using leg kick. Roy battles to get the clinch and is blasting away with lefts and knees. Roy chases Lowe down against the the cage and again goes blasting the knees and a right hook drops Lowe stopping the fight.

Result- Natalie Roy by TKO (knees & punch) at 1:40 of round 1


A moment of silence was given for the Firelander family.


Bout number 7: Josh Lanier vs. Quinn Mulhern – Open Weight Submission Grappling Match

Rd1- Mulhern shoots in and with a leg trip sweeps Lanier to his back. Lanier works his rubber guard and is trying to lock in a triangle choke. Mulern after a minute works free and is standing over a spinning Lanier who is looking for a leg. Mulhern drives down to side control, but Lanier regains guard. Mulhern passes on the left side to side control with the right knee on belly. Mulhern transitions from side to mount into a armbar and Lanier defends. Mulhen in a scramble gets to north-south and Mulhern sinks in the north-south choke for the win

Result- Quinn Mulhern by Submission (north-south choke) at 5:41 out of 10:00 min max


Bout number 8: Andres Quintana (5-1) vs. Derek Perez (4-2) – Featherweight

Rd1- Perez comes out working low right leg kicks. Perez forces Quintana to the age and while in the clinch Quintana takes a knee below the belt. Perez grabs the Thia clinch Quintana pushes Perez away. Perez pressure Quintana to the cage. Both fighters exchange knees in the clinch. Quintana backs Perez to the cage and starts to open up his striking game. A big right from Perez backs up Quinatana. Elbows to the head while clinched looking for the take down drops Perez. Quintana landing some nasty elbows to the side of the head. Quintana pressures Perez to his back and finishes the bout with ground and pound.

Result – Andres Quintana by TKO (punches) at 4:50 of round 1


Bout number 9: Angelo Sanchez (12-4) vs. Gabriel Benitez (15-4) – Featherweight

Rd1- Benitez pressures Sanchez to the cage they collide and AS is on his back. Benitez backs off an allows Sanchez to stand. Benitez pressure Sanchez and gets double under-hooks against the cage. Sanchez lands a knee that hurts Benitez. Sanchez looks for a guillotine that Benitez escapes. Clinched Sanchez lands a low knee. Benitez take time to catch breath. Low kick from Benitez and Sanchez changes levels and shoots for the take down. Benitez hurts Sanchez with a low leg kick and then connects flush with a left upper cut AS clinches and Benitez puts Sanchez on the cage. Sanchez with a body lock drags Benitez to the floor. Benitez works back to his feet ans starts unleashing thudding punches and knees. Benitez drops Sanchez and is on top landing big punches. Just before the bell as Sanchez is getting back up he looks to be hit with an illegal knee to a grounded opponent but action continues.

Rd2- Both men meet in the center of the cage swinging big shots. With upper cuts and powerful hooks to the body Benitez backs up Sanchez. Benitez boxing is looking crisp as he is landing everything he throws from distance the right eye of Sanchez is cut from eating upper cuts. Sanchez keeps coming forward pushing the pace. Benitez is bleeding from the nose. Sanchez is in deep desperately looking for a take down and with a step over Benitez has Sanchez on his back. Sanchez fights back to his feet. Benitez with a 3 punch combination forces Sanchez’s back to the cage. The round ends in a wild slugfest.

Between round the ring side doctor took a long look at Sanchez’s cut.

Rd3- Sanchez pressures Benitez to the cage and is in deep looking for a double leg, but that get switched to a body lock. Sanchez works some knees before they are reset in the middle of the cage. Sanchez eats a Benitez uppercut drops level and is trying for the take down. Sanchez is forced to his back but after an armbar attempt is allowed to stand back up by Benitez. Dives for an completes a take down against the cage after eating another upper cut. Benitez cage walks back to his feet and with elbow strikes fights off a take down. Benitez clinches with Sanchez , who turns Benitez to the cage. Backing off from the take down Sanchez catches Benitez with an upper cut that drops Benitez’s hands to his side. Sanchez score a take down. Benitez right back to his feet and they swing away with no connections as the final bell rings.

Result- Gabriel Benitez by (29-28) (29-28) (29-28) unanimous decision


Post Fight Awards

Knock out of the Night went to Javier Cepeda

Submission of the Night went to Quinn Mulhern

Fight of the Night went to a 2014 possible fight of the year candidate Angelo Sanchez vs. Gabriel Benitez 

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