RFA 8 Results- Pettis Pounds Pegg To Claim Gold


RFA 8 took place on Friday June 21 at The Rave Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The main event was expected to see Sergio Pettis vs. Jeff Curran, but with Curran sideline by injury Sergio Pettis instead battles Dillard Pegg; with the winner being crowned the inaugural RFA Flyweight champion. Full Results below…

AXS TV Main Card

Bout number 20- Dillard Pegg (5-1) vs. Sergio Pettis (7-0) Flyweight Title Bout

Sergio Pettis def. Dillard Pegg by TKO (punches) at 0:51 of round 1


Bout number 19- Jared Downing (10-1) vs. Lance Plamer (6-0) Featherweight Title Bout

Lance Plamer def. Jared Downing by split decision


Bout number 18- Mitch Jackson (20-3) vs. Pedro Munhoz (7-0) at Bantamweight

Pedro Munhoz def. Mitch Jackson by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:49 of RD 1


Bout number 17- Mike Rhodes (4-1) vs. Benjamin Smith (6-1) at Welterweight

Mike Rhodes def. Benjamin Smith by TKO (punches) at 0:56 of RD 1


Bout number 16- Dan Moret (4-0) vs. Jose Pacheco (7-3) at Featherweight

Dan Moret def. Jose Pacheco by unanimous decision


Bout number 15- Zak Ottow (3-1) vs. Matt Gauthier (4-1) at Welterweight

Zak Ottow def. Matt Gauthier by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 3:07 of RD 1


Non-Televised Prelims

Bout number 14- Kevin Morris (3-1) vs. Brian Householder (1-0) at Lightweight

Kevin Morris def. Brian Householder by KO (knee) at 0:10 of RD 1


Bout number 13- David Rhoads (3-4) vs. Derrick Mandell (1-0) at Bantamweight

Derrick Mandell def. David Rhoads by unanimous decision


Amateur Card

Bout number 12- Damien Childress (3-0) vs. Craig Eckelberg 5-0 at Welterweight

Damien Childress def. Craig Eckelberg by unanimous decision


Bout number 11- Heather Bassett (3-2) vs. Moriel Charneski(2-1) at 140 lbs.

Heather Bassett def. Moriel Charneski by unanimous decision


Bout number 10- Michael Mack (2-0) vs. R’Mandel Cameron (2-1) at Welterweight

R’Mandel Cameron def. Michael Mack by unanimous decision


Bout number 9-Sarah Jacobson (0-0) vs. Kylie Mergner (0-0) at Bantamweight

Kylie Mergner def. Sarah Jacobson by unanimous decision


Bout number 8- Jonas Flok (3-0) vs. Nate Jennerman (6-5) at Lightweight

Jonas Flok def. Nate Jennerman by unanimous decision


Bout number 7-Derek Flok (2-1) vs. Larry Watson (3-0) at Lightweight

Derek Flok def.  Larry Watson by unanimous decisiosn


Bout number 6-Jesse Frewerd (0-0) vs. Alex Gilpin (0-0) at Featherweight

Alex Gilpin def. Jesse Frewerd  by submission 9triangle choke) at 1:08 of RD 2


Bout number 5-Brandon Mason (1-1) vs. Chritian Vasquez (3-1) at Lightweight

Chritian Vasquez def. Brandon Mason by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:26 of RD 2


Bout number 4-Duarn Vue (2-2) vs. Kevin Vazquez (3-0) at Featherweight

Kevin Vazquez def. Duarn Vue by unanimous decison


Bout number 3-Jesse Fisher (1-0) vs. Ode Osbourne (0-0) at Bantamweight

Ode Osbourne def. Jesse Fisher by unanimous decision


Bout number 2- Luis Asencio (0-1) vs. Austin Gonzalez (0-0) at Heavyweight

Austin Gonzalez def. Luis Asencio by unanimous decision


Bout number 1- Nicholas Gonzales (2-0) vs. Isaac Di Bodenlos (1-0) at Bantamweight

Isaac Di Bodenlos def. Nicholas Gonzales by unanimous decision

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