Fights at the Pal Auditorium, Results


Boxing was back in the 505, on Saturday November 16, with Chavez Promotions presenting Fights at the Pal Auditorium; headlined by Arturo Crespin vs Julio Lanza.

Bout number 1: Alex Holguin (0-0) Albuquerque, N.M. vs. Brandon Salazar (1-2) Albuquerque, N.M. – 4 rds

Result- Alex Holguin def. Brandon Salazar by decision, Holguin dropped Salazar in the 2nd in the best fight of the night,


Bout number 2: Phillip Penson (6-0-1) Orlando, Florida vs. Michael “Coca” Gallegos (1-11-1) Rio Rancho, N.M. – 6 rds 165 lbs

Result- Phillip Pensondef. Michael Coca Gallegos by decision, he dropped Coca in the 3rd with a 1,2 combo and used ring generalship to outbox him,


Bout number 3: Matthew Esquibel (8-0) Albuquerque, N.M. vs. Julio Chavez – 6rds 145 lbs.

Result- Mathew Esquibal def. Julio Chavez by decision, Chavez was deducted a point by the ref for illegal tactics but made the fight close in the last two rounds


Bout number 4: Arturo Crespin (10-3-1) Las Vegas, N.M. vs. Julio Lanza (8-18-6) Colorado Springs, Colorado – 8rds

Result- Arturo Crespin def. Julio Cesar Lanzas by split decision 77-75 lanzas, 79-73 & 78-74 crespin, in this 8 round fight Crespin out worked Lanzas by throwing pity pat shots and combos, while Lanzas landed the harder cleaner shots but was only throwing in spots one at a time trying to land his right hand over and over again.
*Thanks to Yoruba Moreu for reporting the results for us tonight.

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