UFC Blitz 6, July 22- July 30



Over he last 8 days ther’s been so much news it’s been hard to get theis blit’s up, but it’s up. Lot of fights have been announced, things have changed due to injury an gun shot, and we have the huge new of the return of the G.O.A.T Anderson Silva Continue reading

Sicilia Replaced by Souza against Arantes at UFC Fight Night 28


Originally the UFC announced that Sam Sicilia (11-3) would meet Godofredo Pepy (9-2) in a Featherweight contest at UFC Fight Night 28, but not long after Pepy withdraw from the scheduled bout and was replace by Felipe Arantes (15-5-1). Sicilia has reportedly now also been removed from the bout for undisclosed reasons and will be replaced by the debuting Edimilson Souza (12-3). Continue reading