Coverage of Momma D’s Attempt to Break Guinness (Updated with Highlight Video)

momma D attept

Pushing yourself beyond the limits that your mind sets for itself, is not something that everyone believes they have within them-self. Wanting to motivate people, help, charity and be a role model; “Momma D” owner of Momma D’s Dungeon, world-class long distance motorcycle rider, and trainer to some of today’s top MMA fighter, attempted to break the Guinness world record for women’s plank (00:40:01).

The charity Momma D’s was looking to help was the Pediatric Brain Tumar Foundation. This is not the first time Momma had worked with the foundation. In her time as a long distance Motorcycle rider Momma D estimates she has road over 500,000 miles. Having done the majority of her riding by herself Momma D has seen this as an opportunity to demonstrate what metal tenacity and discipline can accomplish.

In a valiant and all inspiring effort after only 7 weeks of preparation Momma D fell short of her goal only planking for 00:14:02:5 according to my footage. You could call this a failed attempt to break a Guinness world record, but if you did you don’t know Momma and what this was, was a first try and this will be the coal that will burn the fire in Momma’s belly until she accomplishes her goal.

Even in not break the world record I believe that the message Momma D was trying to send was received by the people in attendance. Try to get on the floor right now and do a plank most of us could last a minute (I made it 30 seconds) to see some be able to push their body to over 14 minutes was remarkable.

Every great fighter has gotten knocked down and dusted themselves off and got right back up. In that same mindset this is what Momma D wrote on her facebook after her attempt “I gave it all I have! For the 2 months I trained 4 this, I never had a cheat day, I started acupuncture 8hrs. A week, foot detox, Chiropractor, Epsom Salt Bath, massage + life! I know have a team of Momma’s Boys for my training partners. I’m going this record!!!! Now we’re starting a training camp for momma D!! Thank you to all my Dungeon Family…. I really appreciate your love & support!!! I left it all on the mat. I should be happy with 14 mins. 2 seconds but I’m not. It’s on now. We’re bringing A World Record to NM!!! Thank you again. Love you all!!!”

Momma D has informed me that she hopes to in practice break the record several times before an official attempt and has tentatively said that the next attempt will come in a year’s time.

I marveled at what I saw on Tuesday, August 14th, you can see highlights below….

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