Return of the Warrior- Quick Results


Its fight night and Buffalo Thunder casino is playing host to “Return of the Warrior” an 8 bout boxing card being jointly presented by Holmes Boxing and Orthrus Promotions. Reactions and results below.

Before the action could even get underway we have had 2 cancellations. Mike Aldrete (7-7-2) vs. Manuel Eastman was officially scraped due to Aldrete failing to meet the weight requirements. Also Brian Mendoza has had his pro debut postponed after Mark Cordova (0-1) no showed for weigh-ins and a replacement was able to be secured.

Bout number 1: Matthew Baca (3-1-1) vs. Michael Gallegos (1-12-1)

Winner- Matthew Baca by (58-56) (56-58) (58-56) split decision


Bout number 2: Angelo Leo (3-0) vs. Michael Herrera (2-2)

Winner- Angelo Leo by KO at 0:48 of round 1


Bout number 3: Joshua Montoya (0-2) vs. Miguel Gloria (0-0)

Winner- Miguel Gloria by (40-37) (40-36) (39-37) unanimous decision


Bout number 4: Monica Lovato (12-1) vs. DJ Morrison (3-20)

Winner- Monica Lovato by TKO at of round 4


Bout number 5: Brandon Holmes (2-0) vs. Brandon Munoz (0-0-1)

Winner- Brandon Holmes by KO at 2:25 of round 1


Bout number 6: Tony Valdez (7-4-3) vs. Jaime Gutierrez (4-7)

Winner- Tony Valdez by (58-56) (58-56) (59-55) unanimous decision



Matthew Baca and Michael Coca Gallegos engaged in a dog fight from the opening bell. Drama ensued after he fight as the ring announcer, announces the winner is Matthew Baca from the Blue corner; when Baca was in the Red corner. Baca in the 3rd landed his biggest shot  a blow to the liver that visibly knocked the wind out of Gallegos. Gallegos landed his biggest punch as the bell to end the bout  almost scoring a knock down with a upper cut.

In a bout that saw neither men really kick it into gear, Miguel Gloria wins a decision with the judges favoring his quantity of strikes over the power strikes that were landed from Joshua Montoya.

Brandon Holmes and Angelo Leo show power and precision in remaining undefeated, with knockouts with left hooks.

After taking the first to rounds to warm up and knock off the dust Monica Lovato landed big power shot in the 3rd almost finishing the bout. In the 4th Lovato never let off her opponent who on two occasions turned her back on Lovato to run away.

A mature Tony Valdez  used movement, picked his punches, controlled the distance and put Gutierrez on the ropes while winning the  bout on all the judges score cards.

Jamie Gutierrez  did land a few straight lefts, but was more active on taunting Valdez then with his punches.

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